My new WordPress site

Hello anyone who drops by. Thank you. Just letting you know this site is a work in progress. I’ve been adding WordPress to my options, but progress is slow. Far more difficult than customising a Blogger site.

Any suggestions will be gladly accepted as I get this party started!

And I’ve had messages from WP on those who’ve already followed me. Thank you. Not sure where I find that yet…



3 thoughts on “My new WordPress site

  1. Pretty looking blog, Denise. Having a work in progress is a nice thing; you always have some new ideas to implement, new features to tinkle with, new pages to add. On the whole, I like WordPress better than Blogger. One of my favorite features is the ‘Like’ button on every post and page. Turn it on and you see people who liked/read your posts even if they didn’t comment. Sometimes, no comment is necessary.
    The only two critical notes: 1. The text in the header is not very readable, and the image of the book is blurry. Play with your header in some image-modifying software like photoshop or (much simpler and free). 2. This site needs more pages, especially about your writing, but I guess that’s why it’s a work in progress. They are coming, right?


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