#InsecureWritersSupportGroup, #IWSG post — me? insecure?

Hello everyone!

Wow, November already? The month I volunteered to be an IWSG co-host and helpAlex J Cavanaugh with the commenting. I’m #16 on the list so I go way back with IWSG!  Please enjoy reading the posts from far and wide across the globe, and comment in a helpful, supportive, empathetic way. My other co-hosts are:
Tyrean Martinson Karen Walker  and Stephen Tremp.

First Wed of Every MonthI hope, unlike me, you’re not insecure about anything this month, although most writers I meet have some form of insecurity, particularly about their published works. And IWSG is the forum to chat about what’s getting you down, or contrarily, what’s gee-ing you up!

I’m going to keep this post blissfully short–in respect of those of you who should be writing their NaNo novels rather than blogging…and well, I should be doing the same.


Well, I finally self-published my paranormal romance in time for Halloween. I did not submit to traditional publishers as I wanted to experience the self-publishing model myself and learned…it’s damned hard work. I ended up doing most of the work myself even though I hadn’t planned on it! Oh boy, I really did find out what those formatters and cover artists get paid for! So, okay, now it’s up…and I may submit traditionally after all.

Amazon publishes 1,000,000 books a year, so how do you get noticed? You can’t unless you find a way to shoot to the first few pages. I’ve got a few creative ideas I’m going to try to do just that. We’re all looking for something new, aren’t we?

I’ve been blogging since 2007. I’ve hosted bloghops to encourage writers, I’ve bought blogger books, reviewed blogger books, hosted bloggers on my blog (can you believe I hosted Alex as part of my Publication Party series before he released his first novel, CassaStar?) Whoa, takes me back. But in this cover-reveal-book-launch-guest-post-weary environment, it will become increasingly difficult to find bloggers to host new authors. We need new promo ideas, don’t you agree?

My novella is Book One in a series. I’ll be using NaNoWriMo to complete the next book…and maybe the third as well. High hopes! No harm in being an optimist!

And I’ve gone over to the dark side in more ways than one. After deleting 3 Word Press blogs due to the level of difficulty in building them, I’ve finally persevered due to the large influx of WP bloggers to WEP. So my new WP blog is up and limping along. More to do yet. But if you’re a WP blogger and have trouble commenting on my blogspot blog, go to: Denise Covey, Cafe Writer.


We are still trying to get the IWSG site listed as one of Writers’ Digest’s Top 100 Best Websites for Writers! Please email them atwritersdigest@fwmedia.com, subject line 101 Websites, and suggest the IWSG – http://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com/

Don’t forget we have a Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/IWSG13/


NOW I HOLD OUT THE BEGGING BOWL…(((rattle, rattle))):

If you’d like to read my novella for FREE and review it, please leave a comment with your email address or email me and a copy will wing its way to you.

If you’d like to host me on your blog, please tell me in the comments or email me.  
Go HERE to read more IWSG posts.

  • Are you a published writer, either traditional or self published?
  • Have you been inspired or disappointed with the publishing experience?
  • Have you any tips for newbie published writers?
  • What, in particular, are you insecure about with your published books? Or are you blissfully secure?





MINI BLURB (courtesy of Michael di Gesu, that man with a golden pen!)

Within the velvety Tuscan sky, a harvest moon glows like liquid amber. Mysterious shadows seep noxiously through the unsuspecting forest, preying on the vulnerable, whose blinded gaze mocks their senses.

A man.

A woman.

Forever locked in a sensual embrace…

You have a great week, won’t you? Please share your insecurities with me or help me get over mine!!


2 thoughts on “#InsecureWritersSupportGroup, #IWSG post — me? insecure?

  1. Oh yes self-publishing is hard work. Instead of publishing with a literary press, I decided to self-publish my poetry chapbook. Chose a stock photo, made my own promo video, etc. Although I heard traditional or self-published, marketing and promoting is mostly done by the writer anyways.

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  2. Hi Denise – good luck and yes email me and I’ll give your novella a read – you’ve my email.

    I need to read more and get my life more structured to include reading!

    I like the clean look of your new WP blog … I’ll add it to my reader … cheers Hilary

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