The Seven Deadly Sins

Hello all!

Well, I’m a bit under the weather in more ways than one. I’ve just been visiting in Northern Queensland and boyohboy is it hot already, then there were huge thunderstorms in Brisbane last night, so my flight home from Townsville was delayed. Got home at 4am!! So, lack of sleep and a good dose of heat exhaustion, and here I am…to tell you I’m over at my mate Yolanda Renee’s today, talking about the Seven Deadly Sins of Writing Paranormal Romance.

Please click the link to Yolanda’s blog and check out what I’ve dredged up over the past year or so as I wrote my paranormal, Under the Tuscan Moon.

Once I get a few chores done, I’ll be over. Then at 6 in the morning I fly to Melbourne for a few days R&R…and cooler climes I hope (usually is!).

See you for the IWSG!

Then tomorrow, the InLinkz list goes up at Write…Edit…Publish (WEP) for the science-fiction challenge…Holiday Celebrations that are out of this world (literally). Soon I will add the link to my sidebar.

Currently, we have the awesome Alex J Cavanaugh guest posting at WEP, giving us a few pointers for writing science fiction. Please hop on over there if you’d like a little sciency help. You might join us for our December challenge. Postings begin on Dec 16th and continue to the 19th.


Thanks for coming by…


2 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins

  1. Oh, no! You don’t suppose I jinxed your own travels with my Miami horror story, do you? Gosh, I hope not. Glad you’re home safe, though… And off to Melbourne for a few days off! That’s great, Denise… We’ll be looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Loved the Deadly Sins post… Great job putting it together 🙂
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

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  2. Hi Denise – 4.00 am – yugh .. quite awful. Bet you’re glad you’re safely back .. only to jump on another plane! I hate too much heat … it is sapping – so that cooler break sounds ideal.

    I’ll be over to those links … cheers Hilary

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