What the great writers had that we don’t.

This is just what I’ve been thinking upon recently so it grabbed me! I so agree!

My Antimatter Life

Have you noticed the decline in writing quality in some newly-published books? I’m not talking about the self-published and small press novels, but the ones from major publishers. And when you compare today’s writing output not to the writers of a few decades back, but to the great writers of the English language, it’s clear that something is missing. And that something should really be put back.

What did the great writers have going for them? A number of things, in their education and homelife, that don’t really exist today. Let’s look at a few of them.

Foreign language. Education in the English-speaking world was originally centered on learning two foreign languages, Latin and Greek. As late as the time in which writer C. S. Lewis was being educated, Latin and Greek, with an emphasis on the grammar, were still essential parts of education. Today, by contrast, language learning materials…

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3 thoughts on “What the great writers had that we don’t.

  1. Hi Denise – good to see you and Roland liaising … Our language is pretty awful now, and usually full of mistakes. The thing that really riles me … is the Beeb has put on a Dickensian one-off based on Dickens’ characters … but to find ‘Dad’ being used just seemed out of place … and even in more modern based projects – Mum and Dad … no: I say!!

    Anyone who can write will be able to writer our governance … and who interprets those that can’t write … or txt speke … yugh …

    It is interesting to see where we’re going with our grammar .. but it does change and always has – just don’t give me ‘jarring’ phrases! Cheers Hilary

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