An open letter to New Idea

I think this article puts ‘celebrity’ in the right place. Go Leyton and Bec!


2016-01-24_213747 Source: Instagram (@bechewitt23)

Dear New Idea,

I write to you on behalf of Australia. You see, something has been bothering us. Really bothering us. I write to you to ask…no, implore you to STOP PICKING ON LLEYTON AND BEC HEWITT.

I’m not the only one that’s noticed that they’ve been getting a divorce since the very day they got married. And we’re sick of it.

Why is it really so hard to believe that an Aussie tennis legend and a Summer Bay sweetheart could just be perfect for one another?

Since I was old enough to read, I have been one of those customers you hate. The ones who stand in line at the checkout and flick through the latest issue of your magazine, but only actually buy it once every 3.75 years. Because what sort of 10 year old can afford your exorbitant $4.30 on a 52-page catalogue…

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2 thoughts on “An open letter to New Idea

  1. Hi Denise – I’d no idea that was the order of the day for them?! I do not buy magazines … and when I do I get bored very quickly …

    That’s why I love reading blogs .. great alternative views, sensible ideas on life, learn about so much .. and it’s not repetitive (usually?!) …

    Cheers and I’m keeping an eye out on the tennis .. the Beeb give us a little – enough for me to enjoy – Hilary

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    1. Hi Hilary! They’ve given Leyton and Bec nothing but grief ever since they got married…and happily married is not good copy apparently. They’ve never let up. I admire how they both have ignored the negative comments. 🙂


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