Insecure Writers Support Group #IWSG post–my special guest Ann Best is back to say hello and share her take on SEOs!

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Today I invited a long-time blogger friend from back in the day when blogging seemed so much simpler and yes, friendlier. I was sorry when my friend Ann Best, known to many of you, decided twice that she could no longer handle blogging. Thankfully, this successful memoir author is back with a WordPress blog where she hopes to garner new readers. 

Ever wonder about SEO? Well today Ann is sharing with us what she’s hoping to achieve. At the moment she’s feeling somewhat insecure as she builds her audience. I hope by putting Ann front and centre on my blog today, a little of her insecurity will float away as you make her welcome.

Over to you , Ann…

It’s wonderful to be blogging again.

It really is.

I’ve missed you, “Old Friend from Far Away.”

That’s the title of a wonderful memoir I just bought by Natalie Goldberg, and it reminds me of “old” blogger friends. Of so many of you who are still “out there.” I hope you’ll stay around for a while because it’s so true what Ms. Goldberg says in her almost-haiku introduction:

To have an old friend visit

    from far away—

      what a delight!

Memoir is the genre that life led me to, culminating, when I was 58, in a rough draft of my published memoir, my first and probably only published memoir, In the Mirror. A Memoir of Shattered Secrets, published by WiDo Publishing.

Though you never know. I didn’t know about two years ago, at age 73+, feeling overwhelmed from over 28 years of caring for my disabled daughter, that I would ever come back to blogging.

Why am I back?

Because I like people, and I like to write.

Because I thought, I’ve written a memoir that I’d like some more people to read. We’re all insecure about finding new readers – aren’t we? We all would like to make some money with our writing – wouldn’t we? And even if we get a traditional publisher, we still have to do our own marketing, something that most of us are insecure about.

And so . . .

I was browsing the Internet. I think I was on Facebook when I saw the advertisement: Join Wealthy Affiliate. Turn Any Passion Into a Successful Marketing Business. This is where you promote other’s products. But I soon decided, after joining, that I’d set up a site to promote my own product – my book. And with WordPress you can monetize (mine isn’t a free one).

I’ve been walked through building the site, the basics. I’ve learned about keywords (extremely important) and search engine optimization. And more.

Still learning. I don’t intend to be a marketing guru. Mainly just a blogger. And a writer. You write copy, or in my case it’s more personal essay.

I know the unspoken rule these days in blogging is to be short and sweet, but you need at least 1500 words for the search engines to notice you they say. And at least five posts. And more. And more.

I’ve managed two posts so far.

I’m having a wonderful time.

I feel energized.

Ideas are everywhere.

As a personal blogger, I stroll through my childhood, teen years, marriage, divorce, disasters. And research what others have written. IMO there’s always something to write about.

It won’t be exactly like the good ol’ blogger days – the world has changed. But I’m so happy to be back, and look forward to reconnecting with “old” friends “far away.”

Thank you Ann.

Please Tweet: Join #memoir #writer Ann Best at

You can find Ann’s new WordPress blog HERE. Please visit and say hello and check out her latest post, The Walking Wounded!

Ann didn’t ask me to promote her book, but it can’t hurt if you like to read memoir.


179 reviews!!

  • Have you ever taken a long blogging break?
  • How difficult was it to return to regular blogging and find readers?
  • Are you on WordPress or do you find blogspot satisfactory? Or are you on both (like me).

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12 thoughts on “Insecure Writers Support Group #IWSG post–my special guest Ann Best is back to say hello and share her take on SEOs!

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Ann! I started blogging in March of 2014, and the longest break I’ve taken since then is maybe two or three weeks. I find it harder to get back into it if I don’t do it regularly. I’m on It’s been fine for me. Good luck with your new blogging venture!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Denise, dear friend. Thanks so much for hosting me. If it weren’t for you prodding, I wouldn’t have kept pursuing the Follow Me widget. Finally found one that I think works. Would love it if you have a minute to pop over and try it out. And despite a cold that hit me this morning, I also figured out on my Wealthy Affiliate hosting site how to get email forwarding set up correctly. Only taken me two months to do this! I told my web designer son that he could have achieved all this in two days….or less. Big Sigh. And my comments are finally going through with my wordpress site’s URL. Hooray and Hooray.


  3. Hi Ann and Denise – it’s good to see you back blogging Ann .. and so pleased Denise invited you here … I’ve been across to say welcome back … see you both anon – cheers Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to see you here also, Hils. I think I finally got my follow me thing fixed, that is, I found a widget that works! I think. I’d appreciate it if you’d test it out when you get back from your weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes, Ann and Denise, the blogging world has changed. Once whey you two and I were first on it, it was friendlier … and simpler.

    I refuse to be reduced to numbers. I write what I like with my own brand of humor and reflection. As long as it is authentic, I know I will have fun doing my blog and my books. My friends will stay with me. The others will choose to be who they are, right?

    It is so good to see you here, Ann!! Denise, thank you for having her. It was the best thing I could have seen before tumbling exhausted from blood runs into my bed! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Roland. I commented on your new wordpress site. It’s very easy for me to read, but I can see why you really don’t like it. Your blogger one is SO creative, and wordpress is SO difficult to figure out IMHO.

      Liked by 1 person

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