Why writers should help writers #amwriting

A very thoughtful post on helping each other in our writing.

G.L. Cromarty

I came across the video below during a leadership training course. At first there might not seem to be an obvious connection between writing and leadership…but stick with me 🙂

The  Ted Talk reminds us how important positive feedback is. All too often in life we focus on what is wrong. How often is it that bad service prompts you to complain? And how often after good service do you take the time to tell the company or individual? All too often it is the complaint that drives us to action, and all too often we fail to praise what is good.

Most of us will be quick to point out that we offer good feedback sometimes, but do we offer it often enough?

Feedback on Writing

Writing a review is such a simple and easy way to show the writer that you enjoyed their work. Sure you can drop a star rating on a…

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6 thoughts on “Why writers should help writers #amwriting

  1. Hello Denise! What a blessing to see that you liked the writing prompt for my next Wednesday Stories. I take it that you have read the other stories and earlier prompts? I would be honored if you submitted a story following the prompts OR adding to my Treasure Chest stories (they’re mentioned in the post about my revised Wednesday Stories page.) Hey – may I ask how you found me? I think it would be interesting to know how far my blog reaches — or whatever! 🙂 Now — about you — it sounds like you know of some good blog hops. Which one would you recommend that I submit to? Also, the Why Writers Should Help Writers post — when I clicked on “view original post”, I couldn’t get the post. But, what I did read was nice! 🙂 Hope to talk to you soon – thanks, Debb

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    1. Hi Debb!

      I do know others who do the Wednesday stories, but that’s not why i visited you.
      I’m the founder/co-host of Write…Edit…Publish (WEP) and when you signed up, I clicked on your name. I like to meet any new people who take the challenge. So at the moment, I’m busily writing a novel and hosting WEP. The other blog hop I’ll mention is the Insecure Writers Support Group of which I’m a founding member. I host this WP blog, but my main blog is still at blogspot. If you click this link, you’ll see my post for this month’s IWSG.


      When I have more time, I’ll revisit your blog and check out more Treasure Chest stories…

      Denise 🙂


  2. Hi Denise … well Roland’s quote puts a different spin on things … however – we must write positive reviews – if we write one … or leave well alone otherwise …

    I’ll get to the TED talk ‘shortly’ .. cheers Hilary

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  3. I don’t do negative criticism — that line goes around the block. And I am not much of a joiner. In 1879, Mark Twain said in a speech:

    “I don’t mind what the opposition says of me so long as they don’t tell the truth about me. But when they descend to telling the truth about me I consider that this is taking an unfair advantage.”

    I guess I am sort of like that! 🙂

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