All the best of 2016–What does your list look like?

Hi there!


The year that was. 


The great humanitarian crises in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, the rise of nationalism in Germany, the terror threats/incidents in France, Germany, Iraq and Turkey and so on, multiple terror threats thwarted in Australia over Christmas, Brexit in Britain, Trump in the US, a killer president in the Philippines…oh, wow, get those fireworks happening! 

I’m not into New Year’s Resolutions. Why shoot myself in the foot? But I rather enjoy thinking about what’s been good in the past year while at the same time wondering what the New Year will bring. If you’d like to write your own list of My Best in the comments, that’d be awesome!


MOBILE APP: Tinybeans (a baby-picture sharing app for those who don’t want their baby’s pictures all over the internet). My daughter is a social worker and sees too many wacky things. She chooses not to share photos of her baby, my one and only shiny grandchild. It’s tough for me as he is the most gorgeous little fellow, but I totally understand.

INTERVIEWER: CNN’s Christian Amanpour. Love the way she takes on the biggies and crooks of the world and at times squeezes a little truth out of them.

DOCUMENTARY: Utopia, produced by John Pilger. A very, very disturbing trip through central Australian aboriginal communities, showing the long history of mainly white abuse and how the situation is even worse than it was in the ’60s despite millions of $$$ being spent. Unbelievable.

BOOK I READ: THRILLER – I Am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes. I hated being so fascinated by the evil, but it felt a reality in our world.

MOVIE: The Light Between Oceans, based on an early Australian true story of a young couple living in a lighthouse on a remote Western Australian island who find and keep a baby who washes up on the shore. Tragic.


NETFLIX TV SHOW: The Killing, House of Cards

TV SHOWS: The Good Wife/Madam Secretary

OVERSEAS TRAVEL: China, although it took me 2 weeks to get the pollution out of my system.

WITHIN AUSTRALIA TRAVEL: Sydney/Hunter Valley Wine Region

THINGS ABOUT MOVING BACK TO THE BEACH: Watching whales frolicking from my deck, growing my own tomatoes and herbs. Begone, plastic tomatoes.

BLOGGER MOMENT: Meeting Lynda Young in person on a terribly humid day after her move to Brisbane and sharing a French meal together.

— Bernie Sander’s run for President, albeit brief.
— Michelle Obama’s speeches and positive actions for African girls.
(Okay, not Australian political moments. Our politics are deadly boring which is not necessarily a bad thing after seeing the global trend)

— Baked Poetry Cafe, Peregian Beach, iced coffee.
— Hunter Valley Chocolate Factory’s Mexican Hot Chocolate.

— Pink Champagne from Peterson’s Champagne House, Hunter Valley

CHRISTMAS SNACK: Chocolate and hazlenut truffles from the Hunter Valley Chocolate Factory

— Finishing my Paris novel and getting it published.
— Writing most days

— Meeting with my 2 fabulous critique partners every month and exchanging chapters every few weeks

— The opening of a French restaurant in Peregian Beach. (No big deal if you live in a big town, but Peregian is a little village of 3,500 people who enjoy the best of everything!!)
— Finishing watching Netflix’s House of Cards.
— Travelling to the UK in April/May to visit my daughter who’s there for a year, then taking her on a guided tour of Paris. Tres magnifique!

Happy New Year!! May all your dreams eventuate in 2017!!

  • The WEP winners are announced at Write…Edit…Publish. Please check them out if you have a moment.
  • And I’d love to read your list of Best of 2016. Please play along.



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